7 days of blogging

So I've been at this blogging malarkey for a week, and so far I'm loving it! Great connecting with other mums, getting some feedback on my everyday waffle and loved writing a guest blog post over at  Organic Mama. I've another guest blog in the pipeline linking up with The Butterfly Mother a fellow blogger.

This morning Mr T asked me if I am going to yoga tonight, oh crap totally forgot about yoga. I was doing so well with it, I found a fab yoga for beginners class but what with our wedding, half term and poorly minions I've had many excuses for not going. Now I haven't really got an excuse for this evening, I know I will really really enjoy it once I am there, the child free time out is bliss even thought I don't think I've ever been totally thought free during she end of session 'snuggle' as I call it. Other more experienced yoga mums actually bring their own blankets to wrap themselves up for the 'snuggle' I just put my hoodie back on and try my hardest to zone out. I've just googled it and while I call it 'snuggle' its actually called 'shavasana' I really must clue up on my lingo.

So yes I am going to yoga later and in an effort to encourage myself to go instead of my mums uniform I put on my yoga outfit complete with lycra leggings and hoodie and WORE IT ON THE SCHOOL RUN. Yes you heard me I wore lycra on the school run. Now at O's school there are a lot of gym bunnies who regularly drop off clad in gym gear but fancy Sweaty Betty stuff not George at Asda. Nothing wrong with my George at Asda yoga wear, its very comfortable and actually very practical for housework, plus running the school run in my yoga gear gives me an excuse to have 'mum hair don't care' and no makeup.

Thought I had got away with not being noticed in my new outfit as I dashed O over to his classroom,, alas no, a class mum asked if I was hitting the gym, I mumbled yes and legged it with H in tow. I didn't like to admit I had thrown this on for my yoga class that starts in 10 hours!! At least I won't have to face any of them later and reveal the fact I am still wearing the same outfit as O is on a playdate so I'm not picking him up from school, nobody will know I haven't had my exercise yet, or I have just kept the smelly clothes on, for afternoon pickup.

All this faff and talk over lycra. Nobody even cares, actually I don't care but its a real break from tradition for me to dare to bare myself in lycra.

Last night O came home with an blank sheet of card with an easter egg shape drawn on it for him to decorate and enter into a competition. DING a light went off in my head, scrabbling about in my box of craft bits from my childminding days I found some brightly coloured craft feathers, felt rabbits and chicks and some ribbon. Bingo! Said egg was transformed into a chicks nest. I'm rather proud of my, erm his creation. I'm rather hoping we are contenders for the prize...

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  1. I keep saying ill go back to yoga but never seem to have the time in between work, blog, child, husband and life sh*t.

    1. I ran out of excuses!! nearly killed me going back after a break was wobbling about all over the shop!!

  2. Ah Yoga, I used to do that once upon a time. Now a healthy evening involves a pint of water instead of a glass of wine ha ha!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

    1. Thanks for your reply just reading it as I sip wine I mean water!