A Saturday spent at the Ideal Home Show

Thanks to Mr T's love of a voucher, and Martin Lewis the money saving expert, we bagged free admission to the Ideal Home Show held at Olympia. By 10am all four of us, minions included were assembled outside Olympia.

O and H enjoyed the train journey and would have quite happily continued on the central line whizzing off to Epping and back but the ended up being dragged round the home show, we did throw in endless unhealthy snacks and an ice cream into the bargain. In fact we stopped at one stand where we stood and watched ice cream being made from scratch on 'frozen plates' in front of us. Pan N Ice whipped up delicious samples of oreo ice cream which the boys loved. I don't know about you but there is something about watching food being assembled that makes it more appealing.

Boys satisfied we mooched around the food section, so many amazing looking variety of food stalls tempting us in with samples, I loved the pickled onion extra mature cheddar I discovered as well as falafel topped hummus which was amazing. We love hummus in the Taylor house but I'd never tasted falafel writing it off as some weird veggie fad but it was delish. Definitely going to hunt it down at the supermarket this week.

At midday we headed to one of the theatres where the flamboyant interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen was appearing. I remember him from changing rooms as this floppy haired, assault on the senses, larger than life tv presenter. He was in fact, hilarious! Really interacted with the audience and came across as very likeable.

He asked the show goers to tweet in pictures of rooms in their house for a critique, so feeling brave I did and it was chosen! He loved it commenting that we just needed to add a splash of colour and we were there! How exciting, I can't take credit for the wall colour as it was already chosen when we moved in 3 years ago but we've kept it and Mr T has topped it up in areas where it was looking tired. Turns out according to Mr LB that 'Team Taylor' have a flair for interior design. Hilarious.

Having a huge photo of your lounge broadcasted across Olympia was not something I thought would happen when I woke up on Saturday morning. Couldn't resist a photo opp with Mr LB and a copy of his latest decorating book. Will look good on my new shelf. The book that is not a photo of me and LLB.

We could have spent all day wondering around, Mr T grabbing freebies left right and centre but with the minions with us the time spent was limited. Once we had completed a lap of the two floors, mingled with the floppy haired interior designer, listened briefly to George Clark (architect from channel 4) talk about amazing sheds and watched tv chef Rosemary Shrager dress a lobster appropriately, we took a cab back to the station and whizzed home.

We did however, find an awesome sofa outlet which will require further investigation online but we may
have found the perfect new seating addition to replace our knackered, baby puked and food covered current sofa. Watch this space. I know you will.

Great IHS 2016, look forward to the Christmas version, perhaps minion free.

My new BFF Mr LLB

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