earning my stripes

So today instead of donning my usual figure hiding (trust me its needs to be hidden after 2 big babies) sweatshirt, albeit a fab one from www.selfishmother.com (£15 from each sale goes to women for women uk )

I pulled out my new linen stripe, yes horizontal stripe, top from H&M that I featured yesterday. Ok so I haven't worn stripes since I was pregnant with my first child 9 years ago. I always thought this type of stripe wasn't particularly forgiving unless you were a gorgeous model type, but after following some fab bogs via instagram 'Chloelovestoshop' '_shellyloves' being two and taking inspiration from them I decided to buy myself a stripe top. Seems a staple in any mum uniform so I took the plunge and bought a basic one. The key for me is to check the material, anything thick or woollen would just make me look large especially in the boob area, and from experience enhances unsightly lumps. So I went for a lightweight linen material and thin stripes. Yes thin stripes are more forgiving than wide thick rugby shirt style tops.

Matched with my only pair of mid rise jeans which I am always a bit reluctant to wear because of the mum tum, my trusty purple nikes and my soft grey biker jacket from gap a few seasons ago and I actually felt quite happy with the appearance. Granted I haven't gone far today, trip to dr and back and then changed into my baggies for housework. But it felt good, I felt newfound confidence in my stripes, I didn't feel that big boob/tummy amalgamation I had dreaded (good upholstery) or maybe I am not as apple shaped as I feared.

Today was a good outfit day, a confident outfit day, I felt very confident which can only be a good thing. Add in the fact I was leaving the house child free after suffering cabin fever yesterday I practically flew out the door to my appointment.

Something that caught my eye today over on Facebook was this image

Any parent of a child under under 5 MUST know the original books. I loved this pi$$ take, its totally how my 3 year old H behaves at the moment. Well he only behaves like this at home or with me and Mr T in public. At nursery he is an angel. An angel heavily disguised as a toddler. Like butter wouldn't melt the usual clichĂ©s. We've tried the usual, time out, last chance, I'll count to 5 but he doesn't give a stuff. He is stubborn through and through and will do what he wants. People say terrible 2's are the worst. No give me terrible 2's any day over the threenager. He has found his voice and I dont mean just shouting, I mean yelling or saying 'in a minute' or 'im just'. At least when they are 2 chances are they still may nap or get distracted. No the threenager just keeps on going, think Duracell bunny but with tears flowing, red screwed up face, tousled fur and bared teeth and you are close to H in full meltdown mode.

This photo is doing the rounds and just made my Thursday. Thanks to whoever created it!

Love to hear your comments on my blog. Until next time...Mrs T x

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