Good afternoon, welcome to my new blog. You will have to bare with me while I get the hang of this blogging malarkey but I thought I'd blog about my life as a 30 something newlywed mum of 2 boys.

In a previous life I was an early years practitioner - nursery nurse - but early years practitioner sounds a bit more exciting. This by no means qualifies my own parenting skills - before I had my boys I always tutted at the mums that used dummies, co sleeping, not leaving a baby to howl the house down etc. These days I am a dummy loving, jar feeding (organic of course) chicken nugget and chip cooking, whatever goes, pick your battle type mum on the run. Always, always on the move.

It will take me a while to get into the flow of writing again. It's been a while since I had to write anything, as an A level student I loved my English literature course, it really opened my eyes to all manner of texts. The last thing I read was the Boots beauty magazine while waiting for my eldest to come out of school. Couldn't tell you what I read but I know there were vouchers...lets save my voucher obsession that I have picked up from my new hubby Mr T dad to H (3) and stepdad to O (8), for another day.

So back to the blog. I aim to blog about day to day parenting experiences, family, life, things that inspire me and anything else in between. I do have a love of fashion and shopping I may throw in the odd comment on that if I have time. I follow some great fashionistas on instagram.

Right now to add myself to twitter...again bare with me.
Until next time, Mrs T x

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