MAD BLOG awards 2016 a shameless plea

I'm not quite sure how this happened as I've only been blogging for almost 2 weeks. It appears I have been nominated for a Mum and Dad Blog award.

I'm seriously excited but feel a tad cheeky as other bloggers have been blogging for ages, like proper experienced bloggers, with advertising and comps and everything.

Little old me natters on about what I have been buying, my minions and everyday mum blah blah. I've only just learnt how to add badges to my blog page to make it look fancy.

I don't blog because I am a professional writer, I'm not a professional anything but I enjoy writing down my thoughts and what I've been up to, its a good outlet. Feedback from others is lovely and making connections with other, mainly mum bloggers, although I have spotted a few dad bloggers over on twitter.

Being a SAHM or SAHD, oooh get me using acronyms! Being a SAHM/D can be a lonely and usually exhausting time and reaching out to others via their blogs is a comfort.

Realising that you are not the only mum or dad who's threenager won't leave the house without dressing themselves inappropriately for the day ahead, or refusing to eat breakfast up until the last minute when its 'shoes on' time and then they decide they want to eat, or sitting in the middle of the pavement ignoring you when you are trying to get your eldest into school on time. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

If I haven't, then being part of a blogging community you can guarantee someone has been there and bought the parenting t shirt for whatever issue you are facing.

If you are reading this and would like to vote for a blogger you can do here

it would be lovely if you voted for me but you don't have to but i'd be super excited if you did ;-)

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