Parents evening

Last week I caught up with O's class teacher for an impromptu parents evening chat. I had missed our original date as I was under house arrest on the children's ward with my poorly threenager.

O's teacher is fab, a breath of fresh air and so understanding and doesn't GASP, mention the ASD in every other sentence. Not that I would mind but it refreshing that it's not at the forefront of her mind every time she discusses O with me.

I don't know if other 8 year olds talk to you about what happened during their day at school, but O doesn't. Occasionally he will say what he did or did not have for lunch - kedgeree anyone? Or he will mention who's 'base' he was on at playtime. The big details like spelling tests results or what was discussed in assembly or who scored in the football game, go amiss.

So at my parent teacher talk I gleaned more information about what O has been up to all term in ten minutes from his teacher,  than I have done since he started year 3 from him!

For example, a few weeks back junior school had a Picasso workshop lead by a guest to the school and apparently my shy, nervous, anxious 8 year old stood up and read something out in front of the entire junior school! HOW ON EARTH did he forget to mention that little gem to me? I couldn't believe it!!! Apparently he was so at ease his teachers who taught him lower down in the school couldn't believe this was the same child who before he was diagnosed with ASD I used to have to scrape off me in tears every day I dropped him off, the child who refused to look anyone in the eye or show any emotion happy or sad, at all to anyone.

Once I scraped myself up off the floor in shock and composed myself all I could stutter to his teacher was 'what, where, how???'

My 8 year old boy had read aloud to all of junior school and I could not be prouder.

Probably in his own way he didn't see it as a big deal and so just saw it as part of his day whereas if his favourite dry meal (ASD mums you may get me here ) of yellow food, fish fingers and chips was served for lunch he would have mentioned that repeatedly.

Later this week O stars alongside his yeargroup in a school production of 'Jonah and the whale' and has a speaking part. If I hadn't heard about the 'Picasso episode' my stomach would already be churning with nerves for him. Its not, its absolutely bursting with pride for my awesome child.

Yes he has ASD but he is and 8 year old who is loving life. And that is all I can ask for.



  1. They do have that ability to completely take us mums by surprise don't they! I hope that Jonah and the Whale goes well for him.

    1. Thanks Anne, I'm really looking forward to it. Huge steps in our ASD journey x

  2. Awww bless him I know what you mean, my daughter is non verbal and I get written updates and out of no where they put she went on a scooter! This was such a huge shock - its like they are apart of a different world they don't let us into! Well done O #justanotherlinky


  3. hello caringinthechaos, thank you for your comment, its wonderful your daughter went on a scooter, funny little things aren't they! keep smiling x

  4. Go, O! Well done to him.

    Tyger is super verbal and talks non-stop about all sorts but I almost never get anything out of him concerning what he's done at preschool. He might talk for two hours about the two guys who were cutting the hedge on his way to the car but the fact they did some special activity in preschool won't be mentioned once.


    1. Hiya Lady Nym that's exactly how O is. I hear sometimes repeatedly the details that are important to him buy nothing else!

  5. Oh bless him! Well done! Thank you for linking up with #justanotherlinky

  6. How wonderful. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

  7. How lovely! I'm not surprised you are bursting with pride! Well done O! And yes, I understand yellow food totally! :) Lovely to have a new face on #spectrumsunday, I really hope you pop by and join in again!xx