School's out day 1.

So Good Friday and Bank holiday Monday don't count as school holidays as Mr T was off work. Today we hit the hardcore school holidays.

It's 10.12am and H and I are still in our pj's. I've had 2 coffees and a tea and H has a tummy full of cereal, milk and yoghurt, has emptied duplo all over the rug and had a small ( I'd say a 3 on the tantrum scale) shout over eating an Easter egg for breakfast.

Mr T has gone to work for a break.

The sun is shining, for now, so I'm just contemplating a walk down to the village for a coffee and fresh air, there's a fab café that has a great corner of toys for the little ones to amuse themselves with while you enjoy a brew and watch the world go by. Saying that its the holidays and said café will be rammed leading to toy disagreements. Perhaps not.

So I've suggested the library, seemed to go down well, H has started to gather up his selection of library books that are scattered around the house and shove them into one of his many, bags. My youngest has a penchant for bags, much like my younger sister as a child, he carries around various bags full of random crap including playdoh tools, coins stolen from hubbys bedside table, the hose from his toy fire engine, counters from his big brothers board games and a quality street chocolate as yet uneaten. He is particularly fond of his nursery book bag, in fact we have to check and double check it's contents before he will even consider putting on his shoes before we leave for nursery.

Thankfully we can skip the nursery bag checking routine today, instead he will gather up a favourite bag, fill it with very important toddler stuff, before we head out the door. Heaven forbid we lose any of the precious items on our outing.

I now need to scramble through my handbag full of notepads, pencils, lego, mints, loose change, phone charger (broken) tissues, more lego, for our library card which undoubtedly holds a fine as I've no idea which of the peppa pig books belong to us or the library.

Perhaps I need to look closer to home for the obsessional trait of carrying bags of 'stuff' that my threenager now does.

Wish me luck at the (sshh) library.

Diary of an imperfect mum


  1. My daughter was exactly the same! Bags of crap were the norm everywhere! She has got a little better, she can limit herself to just a couple of things when we go out. It used to be absolutely ridiculous. The stuff I would find squirreled away got silly!! Thanks for linking up with us. #bigpinklink

  2. I have a feeling my little girl is going to be this way! She is only 16 months and loves carrying her little play purse around. She also REALLY enjoy unloading my purse and diaper bag which makes a huge mess on a daily basis. Kids will be kids! :)))

  3. Oh I love bags but as of now seem to have been an abject failure at passing on that particularly superb trait. I could have borrowed them, such a pity. Although we are partial to an animal rucksack. Not sure a 43 year old woman could get away with that one though. TY for linking up with #FamilyFun 🌸