Some things for the weekend

Hurrah for Friday! What a long old week it has been. I've spent the last two weeks contained indoors with first my poorly threenager H who I have to say his behaviour has somewhat improved since he has been poorly. Did I say that out loud? Now this week contained with O who has been down with some random virus. He has enjoyed lots of cartoons, in particular we have discovered Boomerang a channel that shows all the old favourites Tom and Jerry, Inspector Gadget, Road Runner which has resulted in both boys yelling "meeep meeep" endlessly at top volume. I'd rather this to suffering Mr Tumble on repeat with H absolutely loves and drives me insane.

TV viewing aside, being on lockdown at home has enabled me to spend a lot of time online browsing for my new 'mums uniform' and treating myself to some new bits. Yesterday my new joggers arrived from Esprit. I've never shopped with them before but what a find love the zip detail on the back. Some fab casual bits and bobs that will slide quite nicely into my wardrobe. Oh and I found a discount code, Mr T will be proud.

Sweatpants in 100% cotton £29 www.esprit.co.uk

At the weekends I am trying to enforce a 'film night' for me and Mr T. Last week we watched Wedding Crashers a fab caper starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Oh and 'the guy who plays Borat his wife you know the one that was in Home and Away' according to Mr T, Isla Fisher he means. Its easy to watch and real laugh especially seeing Jane Seymour in a very different role!

This week I ordered 'Amy', the 2015 film, the story of Amy Winehouse in her own words. Hopefully I will be able to watch it this weekend a do a review on Monday. I've been wanting to watch this for ages.

I'm currently waiting in for our first purchase we made with our wedding gift vouchers. Delivery expected between 2pm and 9pm. 2pm has come and gone so it will be 9pm when I'll be asleep on the sofa. I'm actually very excited about this purchase, its a shelf for the lounge, yes I am aware I sound old getting excited about furniture. It will be life changing, well it will change by life and give me somewhere for our DVD pile to go it currently resides here

It's been this pile since I got rid of our quite frankly dangerous skinny bookshelf that had seen better days. It wasn't hugely toddler friendly especially when H started moving around and pulling himself up on things. Now I just casually leave the dvds in this pile for him to, on a regular basis, help himself to, open up cases and scratch discs while my back is turned. I'm usually supervising O's homework and H thinks I'm not looking.

By the end of the weekend I am hoping the dvd pile of doom will look more neat and organised...

In other news today I was asked to write a guest blog that will be featured next week at www.organicmama.co.uk this company sell 'handmade fashionable, stylish Mama Jewellery, Trendy Organic Swaddle Blankets and Organic Children's clothes and accessories' I am thrilled to be asked and this evening will be celebrating with this little beauty


Mrs T x


  1. Ooo that's so exciting. I like film nights. We watched the story of the Krays a few weeks ago-Tom hardy at his finest. I'm loving your fashion bits and well done on the guest post yay xx

  2. Hiya hun did you watch a film this weekend? We watched Amy last night. Such a talent she was a very lost soul.