Things that really annoy me and make me want to rant until I am blue in the face

Part 1

Everyone loves a moan. Especially when tired which is high on the vocabulary list for any mum, me included.

My moan for today is centred around cafes. I went to an instore café earlier in the week, spotted a bargain £2.89 for a large coffee and hot cross bun deal I couldn't resist. Joined the queue and placed my order.

While waiting for my coffee to be whipped up and my bun to be toasted I looked around to see where I could park myself to enjoy my child free coffee. Not many spaces to be seen. Damn I'm going to have to balance on one of those high stools when all I wanted to do was sink into a cosy armchair and relax. I then realised that people who hadn't ordered were taking up seats before joining the queue. I don't know about you but that REALLY IRRTATES ME so much so it warrants capital letters. Why sit down and take up seats in a busy café where mums who have purchased beverages are trying to feed their little ones, or like me relax AFTER buying their coffee. Not just jumping down on a seat as soon as it becomes empty and then sitting looking around smugly catching the eye of the furious coffee buyer who has a coffee and nowhere to sit.

Why do it? What is wrong with these people? I thought everyone loved queuing? Not as much as they enjoy rubbing peoples noses in it as they steal the precious seats. Even worse some 'reserve' their seats with bags/coats/shopping trolleys and then wonder off! Drives me nuts! The next step is to not even buy anything in the café and sit down with a picnic its a slippery slope!

Ok rant over. Next time you are in a café and you see a tired, grumpy looking mum rugby tackling someone to a seat, coffee flying across the room and merry hell breaking loose, it may well be me losing the plot over seat theft.
Pink Pear Bear


  1. I am right with you here on seat thefts. It really makes me so cross. Especially when you are stood patiently in a queue with two children and you see adults reserving tables for four (when there is only two of them and lots of two seat tables!). When their partner joins the queue I have been known to mutter very loudly about seat hoggers and how rude it is. Whoops!

  2. Lol glad it's not just me it's so irritating one of my bug bears!

  3. I agree this is SO annoying. I have had this before when I have tried to negotiate a tray and pram, only to then find I cant find a seat. Yet people are hogging tables before they have got food/drinks. Oh and I love a good rant too, its good for the soul. #PicknMix

  4. Ha ha love this and couldn't agree more! I'm definitely a rules person and this is a rule that should never be broken (in my book).

  5. I totally agree with this it can be so frustrating!!PicknMix

  6. Yes! And when people are finished in a crowded place where people are lining up for a seat and they continue to sit there chatting and mucking about. I feel your pain! It is that rude, entitled kind of behavior that makes me nuts right along with you. #bigpinklink

  7. If you can't beat them....join them! It's the only way, things will never change. It is often the only way to guarantee a seat as there is nothing at all fun about leaving a queue with a tray and nowhere to go. Just chuck a coat over a chair and sashay into the queue all smugly! ;) Thanks for linking up with us. #bigpinklink

  8. Confession time.... I usually get the kids to sit down and get me a seat while a queue ;) but for us, my eldest needs his injection and hates people staring, so we usually scope out the most discreet seats. So I'm not as naughty as I might seem ha!

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x