Things that really annoy me and make me want to rant until I am blue in the face

Part 1

Everyone loves a moan. Especially when tired which is high on the vocabulary list for any mum, me included.

My moan for today is centred around cafes. I went to an instore café earlier in the week, spotted a bargain £2.89 for a large coffee and hot cross bun deal I couldn't resist. Joined the queue and placed my order.

While waiting for my coffee to be whipped up and my bun to be toasted I looked around to see where I could park myself to enjoy my child free coffee. Not many spaces to be seen. Damn I'm going to have to balance on one of those high stools when all I wanted to do was sink into a cosy armchair and relax. I then realised that people who hadn't ordered were taking up seats before joining the queue. I don't know about you but that REALLY IRRTATES ME so much so it warrants capital letters. Why sit down and take up seats in a busy café where mums who have purchased beverages are trying to feed their little ones, or like me relax AFTER buying their coffee. Not just jumping down on a seat as soon as it becomes empty and then sitting looking around smugly catching the eye of the furious coffee buyer who has a coffee and nowhere to sit.

Why do it? What is wrong with these people? I thought everyone loved queuing? Not as much as they enjoy rubbing peoples noses in it as they steal the precious seats. Even worse some 'reserve' their seats with bags/coats/shopping trolleys and then wonder off! Drives me nuts! The next step is to not even buy anything in the café and sit down with a picnic its a slippery slope!

Ok rant over. Next time you are in a café and you see a tired, grumpy looking mum rugby tackling someone to a seat, coffee flying across the room and merry hell breaking loose, it may well be me losing the plot over seat theft.
Pink Pear Bear