Whine Wednesday or should that be wine Wednesday...

Well what a hump day it is and I have most certainly have the 'hump'. Eldest child O has been unwell on and off for the past 7 days. Yesterday I collected him from school and he complained of a headache so home, calpolled up and onto the sofa in front of Tom and Jerry.

This morning dawns and I have to wake him, something that almost never happens. As predicted he had a fever and general grump so I thought better get him checked over at the gp. Dropped H at nursery and sped straight to surgery only to discover we have been booked in with the slowest gp going. He is notoriously slow actually slow is a bit unkind, today we are used to being whisked through everything at the rate of knots, this doctor is just old school and careful. Yes careful is a better way of describing this old gp who has many years of experience and is about to retire.

Two hours later, baring in mind we only have a three hour window of tantrum free peace from H, we emerge from seeing our careful GP who diagnoses a virus, prescribes rest and fluids. Now with O he is able to do resting very well, what 8 year old wouldn't want to snuggle on the sofa with mummy providing endless cups of squash, the tv remote in hand and lots of cuddles? H on the other hand back from nursery is buzzing around like a loony refusing to keep still and snuggle on the sofa and have a nice quiet afternoon. Who am I trying to kid? A quiet afternoon in this house?

So here I am slouched, my first cup of coffee of the day in hand (at 1.40pm I hasten to add) owing to a milk explosion in the fridge last night hence no milk other than blue milk for my coffee first thing. O and I managed to skip into the supermarket after gp to grab essentials calpol, bread, milk, popcorn. So now lunch has been cleared away I can sit down and vent here with my coffee.

So in all the chaos of another sick child I had totally forgotten I had ordered a few basics from H&M. I've never ordered from them online before but I am glad I did placed the order on Monday and delivery was chucked over the fence while I was at nursery pickup. Fast delivery, glad I wasn't out all day and said clothing parcel was lying in the mud for too long.

In an attempt to consolidate my 'mums wardrobe' into mix and match basics I ordered 3 tops and a pair of high waisted jeans www.hm.com

The linen stripe top £14.99 is a wardrobe essential, can be dressed up or down and goes with everything. I will add this to my collection. Currently hunting for the perfect Breton stripe top.
The black jersey top £7.99 with lace detail across the shoulders updates my pile of black tops and the printed hoodie £19.99 is perfect for chucking on for the school run and oh so cosy and in my faithful grey colour. Now the high waisted jeans are a great fit, with my mum tum I'm not a fan of 'mid rise' or 'low rise' jeans so high waisted are an essential part of my uniform. Gives a bit of support in the tum area but no muffin top in sight. These were £19.99 and come in light denim blue, nearly black, black, dark denim blue and grey.

So my happy face has been almost restored by the appearance of my bag of H&M goodies. It would have been nice to have some child free time this morning but I'm sure once the cold/flu season is passed full health with return to the little ones.

Right, back to it, but first another coffee and a sneaky peek at some of the blogs that have caught my attention in the last 24 hours.

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Mrs T x


  1. Love the clothes as I too am a simple kind of girl. Sounds like you had quite the Wednesday! Have you ever joined a linky before? I host one every Thurs-Sun...you can get the info and rules here for the latest one > Momsterslink ~ March 10, 2016 – Domesticated Momster
    http://domesticatedmomster.com/2016/03/10/momsterslink-march-10-2016/ hope to see you!!!

    1. Thanks Domesticated Momster :-) ive not joined a linky let me have a look x