Being crafty

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By my own admission I am not arty. Nor am I crafty, in fact during textiles classes in my secondary school I was banned by the teacher from using the sewing machines and the over-locker. At least I think it was called an over-locker, I had no idea a) what it was actually called or b) what it was for.

All I knew was we had one of them in the classroom alongside the sewing machines that everyone spent most of the dreaded 'double tech' lesson on a Thursday afternoon waiting in line to use.

It took me best part of an entire term to stitch together a rather pathetic looking 'purse' that we had to cobble together from the scrap box of materials in the corner of the room. By half term everyone was well on their way to finishing the next project, the over the shoulder bag, I had been banned from using any machinery and was hand stitching the remains of my purse.

Needless to say I wasn't chosen to study GSCE textiles and was assigned the seemingly lesser of two evils, food technology. Why not poison people instead of stabbing myself with a sharp textiles related implement. They actually allowed me near an oven, she who had been banned from electric powered needles,  aged 15 to make biscuits repeatedly. That's all I seem to remember of food tech classes.

I digress. Fast forward 19 years and the week after Mr T and I got married. My dining table is covered in wedding stuff, confetti, cake topper, ribbon, invitations, photos, flowers, ribbons the works. Bing! Lightbulb moment! I saw during one of my reconnaissance visits to Hobbycraft in the manic weeks leading up to our big day, a memory box frame and some lovely ideas to fill them. Came home and I was bang onto pintrest for ideas. Rather than store all our wedding keepsakes in a shoebox on top of the wardrobe I thought I could have a go at displaying them.

Amid the post wedding comedown, hubby was back to work,  I settled myself back at the dining table with the 'crafting essentials' I apparently needed to create my masterpiece. After a few attempts at positioning my keepsakes inside the frame and taking photos of the different ideas I glued them all down onto a perfectly cut (thanks hobbycraft) square of sparkly card and painted the white wooden frame blush pink.

I included our save the dates, personalised cake topper, my boys faux rose buttonholes, some heart shaped embellishments, confetti, the memory charm I had attached to my bouquet, our love story cards we had made and some ribbon from our wedding cake.

I was so pleased with my finished product. It now hangs proudly in our kitchen and has had some lovely comments from those who have seen it.

Who knew I had it in me? I would have been lost without pintrest for inspo but I did managed to create something unique to us. A small piece of our very special day.

Have you made anything crafty? Are you a total non crafter like me but made something really special to you? Love to hear from you x

Our special day




  1. Your box looks amazing! Even if you got kicked off the sewing maching ;) Great work! Thanks for linking up at Family Joy Link Up!

    1. Thanks Laura I really did enjoy this project.