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Coffee. The staple drink of choice for any exhausted mum. This mum in particular never drank coffee before O was born 8.5 years ago. Now I cannot function without the stuff. If I haven't had at least one cup before I take the children to nursery or school I am not a person you want to see first thing.

Usually I am not fussy about the form my coffee takes, at home we have instant which is probably best as in between shoving slices of bread in the toaster, scrabbling around looking for what to pack in my son's bag for his breaktime snack, asking the threenager not to get crayons or playdoh out or anything that requires me to get the hoover out before I've even boiled the kettle, so I wouldn't have a huge amount of time to spend grinding granules for my first coffee of the day.

Now as we all know us mums just sit around drinking coffee all day and chatting, or that is what our significant others presume we do all day. In reality at home we sip cold coffee while attempting the to do list for the day. If we are really lucky we may visit a coffee shop for a 'proper coffee' in which case my coffee of choice is a latte, skinny naturally. Usually drunk at speed as the child in tow has already finished the snack you brought them to buy yourself some peace and is wailing wanting to get down and do something else.

So when the lovely people at The Scandinavian Coffee Pod contacted me on Twitter asking if they could send me some coffee to sample I jumped at the chance.

The Scandinavian Coffee Pod is a speciality coffee roaster. They hand roast the seasonal coffee beans in the Coffee Pod which is a 5m2 class cube. Every bean is roasted to order.
The Scandinavian Coffee Pod is Scandinavian by design and at heart; learning from the long-kept coffee traditions of the far flung Nordic countries, where more coffee is consumed than anywhere else on earth - to warm, sustain and rejuvenate.*

All the coffees from The Scandinavian Coffee Pod are ethically sourced from the finest farms. The coffee selection is changed every season of the year to reflect the seasonal nature of the coffee so that the bean reaches you in its freshest state after harvest. The coffee is all roasted to order in the Coffee Pod.*

I received a generous sample of their Cerro de Jesus Nicaragua, origin espresso a 'sweet and syrupy coffee with hints of mandarin and melon'*

I'm the first to admit I'm a novice with a cafetiere so I borrowed this 3 cup version and made my first cup. After a bit of googling I learnt the best method is to leave the coffee to brew for 3-4 minutes before plunging and serving. It was a delicious cup of coffee. Not to strong for my taste just right with a dash of milk. I could definitely taste a chocolately after taste which for a confirmed chocoholic like me was perfect.

Everyone prefers their coffee served in different ways but the Scandinavian Coffee Pod coffee did not disappoint it was definitely fresh and hit the spot for this tired mummy who was indulging in a coffee at home child free.

I'll stick to the instant for my quick morning fix but for a special treat to share with others or at the weekends when I have more time I can highly recommend ordering from the Scandinavian Coffee Pod.

What is the cost of Scandinavian Coffee? 250g bags of coffee range between £5.60 and £7.60 depending on the type of coffee ordered. 1kg bags range in price between £21.43 and £30 again depends on chosen coffee. Wholesale customers can order from the website with a minimum order of 2kg.

The Coffee Club subscription delivers the best seasonal coffee beans right to your door every month for £6.99 a month and free delivery. You can choose from beans for home grinding or pre-ground for espresso or filter coffee.

Photo source Coffee club

The Scandinavian Coffee Pod can be found on Twitter and here on Facebook

*information taken from website
**Disclosure** I was given a sample of Scandinavian Coffee for the purpose of this review.  All views and opinions are my own. Logo image credit to the Scandinavian coffee pod the rest are my own.
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