Crunch! Mummy down!

Crunch! Mummy is down. Down with a fractured scaphoid bone.

"Where or what is that?" I hear you ask, it's a bone at the base of the thumb. It has got to be the most ridiculous injury in the world ever. So were were on our weekend break by the seaside having a lovely time I had taken the boys into the arcade to use the penny machine, you know the one where there two pence pieces roll in and slide around on the moving platforms.

Anyway I was standing leaning against the glass cabinet hand outstretched  - a very important point to note - when behind me a couple were playing air hockey and after a particularly furious smash into the puck it flipped up into the air flew over my head and landed with a crunch onto my thumb. Ouch. Just rubbed it, tried desperately not to swear and got on with things. Later in the bar after a vino or two the pain seemed to subside - funny that.

It kept me awake a bit in the night but popped some paracetamol when I was up anyway retucking the threenager's duvet in, and zonked out.

While Mr T was driving home the pain really had set in as had the swelling I found it hard to move the thumb so when we got home hubby drove me to the minor injury unit. I emerged examined and xrayed about an hour later sporting a rather funky brace. Seems I had fractured a bone. Won't know the full extent of the injury for 10 days so I will be returning for a further xray and perhaps a fibreglass cast if I am really unlucky.

For now I am wearing this beauty

Thankfully the pain is hugely reduced with this on so I can just about carry on! I can't drive so we will be walking everywhere for the foreseeable. I actually quite enjoyed the walk to nursery this morning.

I have a sling as well but I dispensed with that when I got back indoors it made me really hot and itchy, sssshh don't tell the doctor.

Anyway onwards and upwards. I wrote this post partly to link up with a brand new day and to share a lovely quote that really helps me if I am missing my dad who I lost 15 years ago. We saw a robin on our nursery walk this morning so I know my dad is near and will help me through the broken bone saga. That and my lovely boys and hubby who I would be lost without.

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