Monday motivation

I got stuck in a bit of an overthinking rut at the weekend. It wasn't one thing in particular playing on my mind, it was a bit of a jumble and was exhausting me, I bordered on wanting to just hide.

My hubby suggested we go to our local country park. A place that is so beautiful and can help instil some calm into my sometimes foggy mind. It was a lovely day, bit chilly for Spring. The bluebells in the woods on the drive there were so beautiful there is so much loveliness in nature at this time of year.

We fed the ducks, went for a good long walk stopping at the playground. It all helped to blow the cobwebs away. I left feeling relaxed and thankful.

'Do what makes you happy' is a quote I came across on Facebook this morning. It was very apt as it reminded me to do just that, I must put myself first and take care of my mind. It's easy not to when you are a busy mum but I'm glad I did. It has motivated me and banished the foggy head.

Feeding the ducks

Cuddle Fairy
Two Tiny Hands

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