Mum hair. No thanks!

2 inches. Today I had 2 inches lopped off my locks. Boy did it need it. Years and years of bleaching, dyeing, blow drying and straightening have really taken its toll on the bottom 2 inches of hair. It really needed to come off.

In my mind I had the vision of a glossy long bob that would swish in the breeze as I walk to nursery with my mum uniform on, threenager in hand, sunglasses on oozing 'this mum has got it sorted chic'. It would be poker straight with just a bit of movement and each strand of hair would fall effortlessly back into place just like it did the moment my wonderful hairdresser has finished with it.

In reality my hair will look fab for about ten minutes after which time I will get annoyed with it, fiddle with it resulting in greasy hair that no longer looks freshly styled but pinned back in a messy ponytail out of the way while I whip up tonight's tea of fish fingers/hang out the washing/tidy up.

By the morning when the next nursery/school run rolls around I will probably have time to whip a brush through it and if I'm lucky it will still have retained some of its gloss from the leave in conditioner used and perhaps it may even still be straight. Then I will stagger up hill and down dale en route to nursery and I will resemble something that has been dragged through a hedge backwards, oh and if I am especially lucky we will enjoy a totally random rain shower which will result in epic frizz which is only recoverable by washing hair and restyling.

I contemplated a 'new hair selfie' for this blog post but alas sorry, no such luck. I'm crap at selfies at the best of times but with my left hand in a brace due to my ridiculous accident at the weekend it's even more impossible.

So you will have to take my word for it, I currently have glossy brown locks in a long bob, I feel like a model. Tomorrow normal service will be resumed when my 'mum hair' will reappear.

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