My happy days list

My happy days list - April 2016

January to March were not great in our house for various illnesses we seemed to have a run of things affecting the boys and me. By the end of March and as Easter approached everyone seemed to be a lot more healthy and we have enjoyed spending time together as a family and weather permitting, outdoors.

Here is my happy days list, a list of things some big some small that have put a smile on my face this week.

  • Enjoying exploring a new park nearby to us full of fab things for the boys to climb on, slide on and have lots of fun
  • visting a local trampoline park and bouncing off some energy!
  • coffee and a mooch at the shops with my lovely sister and newborn niece, plus newborn cuddles
  • trying the 'kids club' at the cinema for the first time with the children I used to look after, we saw Snoopy of 'Snoofy' as my threenager prefers to call him!
  • finding out how well hubby is doing at work and feeling so proud of him
  • feeling excited about our weekend away to one of our favourite places Weymouth
  • our threenager doing so well at night without pull ups on and just big boy pants

Lastly seeing a robin looking at us as we were popping out earlier on today, when I see one I know my Dad who I lost 15 years ago is smiling at us from where he is.

What has made you happy this week?

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