One month into blogging

WOW check me out! One month blogging, rambling, nattering, blithering about my life as a mum of two minions.

It's been scarily addictive, checking who has commented on my blog posts, getting stuck into Twitter, working out coding with a lot of help! I've even woken up in the middle of the night with thoughts of what I can blog about.

I've found blogging therapeutic, doesn't matter who is reading what I've written it feels good to get the words out into the open.

I've met some great connections the lovely Fi over at  Beauty, Baby and Me we've discussed baby waking at night and being a newbie blogger.
Emma an amazing blogger who has helped and encouraged me at Farmer's Wife and Mummy
Petit Pudding who is also a new blogger and hopefully joining forces for a linky soon...
finally Clare at Sons, Sand & Sauvignon who has kindly invited me to join #spectrumsunday.

I've got some exciting collaborations coming up which is seriously exciting and I can't wait to share them with you all.

Here's a big high five and glass of your favourite tipple to all my fellow bloggers and followers for supporting me through the first month of this exciting blogging journey.

Oh and in case you hadn't realised I am on Twitter come and say 'hello'.


Friday Fabulous

Linking up with the lovely Attachment Mummy for #FabulousFriday


  1. Hi Katie, be careful blogging is addictive and you've realized this at one month in! I seriously think there is an opening for a bloggers anonymous group, I know I'd need a stint in it. Blogging is never far from my thoughts, whether it's photos, posts or PRing it's always lurking.

    It's so nice that you met some friendly bloggers, although saying that I've yet to meet one who wasn't friendly. The blogging community are a fantastic bunch, which is something I really didn't expect.

    I wish you all the best for the future of your blog and have no doubt you'll be doing it for years as there really is no medication that will clear up the blogging bug!


  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of Blogging, it can be fun, it can have it's downsides, it can be frustrating, it can be enlightening...but it's very very addictive.

  3. 'Scarily addictive' - so true!! I find myself almost forgetting to parent while I am so busy writing about parenting ha ha. Looking forward to linking up together x

  4. Yay, a whole month gone already! Well done. Hope your upward trajectory continues. Thanks for joining up to #FridayFabulous

  5. Yay, a whole month gone already! Well done. Hope your upward trajectory continues. Thanks for joining up to #FridayFabulous