Our week in photos

So a new style of post from me today, I decided to write about our week in photos. I've got H off nursery and O off school still for the Easter hols so it's been a bit of a mad one.

The week started with unsettled weather, O spent the start of the week with his dad so for the start of the week H and I very lazy mornings, pjs and a lot of free play. When I say 'free play' I mean basically get every toy that we own out and leave it all lying all over the place. I can't believe I just typed the term 'free play' that used to be my phrase of choice when planning at work for the under 2's. Again just let the kids get out whatever and have a great time making once huge mess and not helping to tidy any of it away.

H's behaviour was a lot better at the start of the week than in previous days so I got out a load of Duplo I had confiscated weeks ago. He was delighted to see the return of the tractor, trailer and cow and spent a lot of time constructing various pens for assorted animals.

The weather turned slightly warmer so instead of my usual biker boots I swapped for my Nikes, essential footwear for chasing little people around the play park. They are so comfortable, I got to age almost 34 without owning the coveted Nike air max and now I know what all the fuss is about. Admittedly they are a girly pink (asos sale) but I love them.

I had a splurge in Primark mid-week, H was as good as gold as I ran around grabbing a stash of t shirts for both boys, including a cute Batman t-shirt for H that came with a detachable cape. Huge number of mummy brownie points earned there. I also picked up this ever so pretty 'Happy' decoration that I fell in love with. It's now hanging in my kitchen and at £2 is a steal.

On Friday O had a playdate so I took them to pets at home where they had a Pet Pals activity workshop, the lovely man at the store got out some baby dwarf Russian hamsters which the kids all loved meeting. He answered all their questions and showed us some of the other pets. Neither of my boys were brave enough to hold the little hammy but they did give it a little stroke. It was so cute, I hadn't realised that dwarf hamsters are not nearly as nippy as the Syrian hamster I had as a child. We weren't able to handle 'Dracula' at all he was so bity. I'm still not getting a pet though would send my OCD through the roof having to clean up animal cages ewwwww.

Speaking of mess, breaking news in the T house, we are now a 'potty free' household. They were thrown yesterday as H can now get himself onto the toilet and will accept doing a 1 and 2 on the toilet now so bye bye potties you disgusting pieces of plastic. End of an era.

This weekend O and I have played several games of monopoly. I toyed with the idea of buying monopoly junior but he has got on fine with the standard set we borrowed. He absolutely smashed me in the first game, He bought houses and hotels and then managed to bankrupt me. Not bad for an 8year old. I used to love board games as a child, does anyone remember Game of Life? My family hated it but I loved it!
Today we hit Harvester for an amazing lunch, made the mistake of wearing jeans and I should have worn my elasticated waist trousers as I was so stuff full of fresh salad, warm rolls and chorizo burger I could hardly move. Oh and the kids ate for a £1 each! Top marks to Harvester (in Ruislip) who provided the boys with activity bags, and as a lovely surprise a packet of sunflower seeds each. They were delighted and said seeds have been planted already. Mr T is really into our garden and its nice to get the boys involved. Last year we managed to get a crop from our first vegetable patch it was so nice to serve up home grown carrots and lettuce. Not quite going down the ‘good life’ route but it was fun.
We visited the goats and sheep at the Duck Pond Market while we were in Ruislip always a hit with children. Last of all we hit the Rye park where they had a kiddies fun fair on so Mr T and H went on the bumper cars and O and I hooked a duck.

They are now glued to Tom and Jerry and I have my feet up with a coffee bracing myself for another week of school/nursery holidays.

Hope you all had a good week x

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  1. I've got some pink Nike trainers too!! It sounds like you had a lovely week, with a cute photo collage to go with it!! Yes, most days are 'free play' days in our house too...! The house is just a bomb site of discarded toys, and boxes full of odd bits of puzzle/farmyard set etc!!Hearing about your harvester trip made me feel really hungry-but always a good idea to remember the elasticated waist trousers...! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink!

    1. Ah thanks for your lovely comment, I love my pink mikes wear them most days. Glad I'm not the only house devestation by toys!

  2. I have yet to ditch my biker boots but think a summer alternative may soon be required! Fantastic work on the potty front - I only wish we had mastered this milestone. Sounds like a busy week - good luck with the second week of the holidays!! #PuddingLove

  3. Sounds like a busy week! It looks like you managed to plan things that weren't affected by the weather-a good move at Easter, it can be so unpredictable! #puddinglove

  4. Looks like a great super week for the easter hols! xx