Packing for a mini break. By a threenager.

Tomorrow we are heading off on our 'campervan' break to Dorset for three nights. Much anticipated break and change of scenery although as mums know you do very similar while away from home as you do at home just in a different environment.

As my boys get older its becoming easier to travel with them, we no longer require a buggy/highchair/travel cot/3000 nappies etc.  O is now 8 and just lets me get on with packing his clothes, he just likes vitoe over the selection of books/ds games he is bringing but that's fine. Mr T just flings in his 'stuff' before shutting the case.

Before we even get to that stage I need to start considering what we all need x 4. Then to find out if its washed/still fits yes swimming shorts I am talking about you. So I've spent this week sorting, washing, putting things in piles and generally trying to be organised to save myself time on Friday.

The wotsit hit the fan yesterday though as I took H upstairs for a bath, while it was running, I was putting clothes away H was on the loose upstairs. Unbeknown to me he couldn't resist the lure of neatly piled clothes and bedding and started gradually sorting through it examining each item and unless it belonged to him throwing it on the floor.

It went something like this

1. "Mummy isn't anywhere to be seen, I can hear her humming the song from 'something special' so she is nearby, it looks like I have time to seek out tidy rooms and destroy"

2. Climb up onto bed and survey the scene

3. Think "I'll just rummage through the neat pile of t shirts I spy and look for my favourite Batman t shirt, sending all the other t shirts flying into a heap on the floor, ignore the mess and start wailing because said t shirt isn't anywhere to be seen"

4. Realise mummy isn't listening and decided to continue making a huge mess of all the folded items on the bed that mummy is going to put into the suitcase.

5. Spend a few minutes opening and closing the zip on the suitcase then get annoyed with it because it wont do up all the way.

6. Abandon zip game and spot big brothers swimming goggles. Put goggles on. Climb off bed and once the mess is complete turn to bookcase and start pulling books off the shelf into yet another huge pile creating a loud bang at which point mummy suddenly appears.

7. Uh oh look up at Mummy and smile "look at the big mess I made mummy"

At which point I decide to give up attempting to pack anything while threenager is awake, abandon bathtime and leave the mess and go downstairs with threenager tucked under my arm yelling at me for interrupting his mess making, and put the kettle on.

I'm in no doubt I will forget many essentials for our weekend break, no thanks to the threenager disrupting my attempt at organisation.

Have a great weekend everyone x

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  1. Hee Hee! I bet it wasn't funny at the time but a very relatable post! Enjoy your break away! Sarah and Louise xx #coolmumclub

  2. Ha ha! This reminds me of putting the laundry away while dangermouse 'helps'. The phrase two steps forward, three steps back springs to mind!
    Have a fab break! Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub x

  3. My girls can now pack for themselves. Thanks be to god. Xx

  4. Oh nooooo! What a pain. But I guess it gave you a chance to double check you had everything?!

  5. I think you're brave even considering it! Saying that we are off to Majorca with a 10m/o and a 2y/o so we must be just as mad!

    He sounds like a very helpful little guy! Thanks for linking #Chucklemums

  6. Oh dear! Why is that when we decide to go away does it take "mummy" to be the organised one for the whole family!? I ignore my Mr's clothes too, he packs his own! I pack nappys!!