Potato and mushroom oven frittata

photo from Mumsnet

I'm rubbish at making omelettes, just ask Mr T, I've ruined many a pan and set the smoke alarm off frequently.

So rather than wait for Mr T to be here to whip up an omelette, I came across a recipe for a frittata which doesn't require hovering over the hob fiddling with temperature knobs. One word of caution, go easy on the oregano.

50g cheddar grated
230g potatoes quartered
3 mushrooms chopped into small pieces
3 tsp dried oregano
5 eggs
salt and pepper to taste

1. cook the quartered potatoes
2. in a bowl beat the eggs add salt and pepper, oregano and cheese
3. when the potatoes are ready thinly slice and add to a baking tin
4.fry the mushrooms then add them to baking tin
5.pour over egg and cheese mixture
6. heat oven to 180C and bake for 35 mins

Delicious and filling, tasty with broccoli on the side.

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