Spring is Springing!

What a gorgeous day! It's been a really lovely one the sun has shone all day, the washing is on the line (it's the little things) I have enjoyed the nursery/school run walks with my boys today and H and I have enjoyed pottering in the garden this afternoon.

I spent my magic hours today catching up on email and a bit of tv before wondering up hill and down dale to pick the threenager up from nursery. We are really lucky to live virtually opposite a gorgeous village common which is the scene for many village event such as feast day, visiting circuses and funfairs and in January many a snowman was built in our brief visit from the snow. I walk down the common on a dry day and about a quarter of the way down I took this photo.

It captures our village in all its glorious springtime beauty. I absolutely love living here.

After nursery pickup we wondered into the village for H's weekly fix of a magazine, this week 'Mike the Knight' also known as 'Sh*t* the Knight' when H couldn't pronounce his M's properly, much to my amusement as SHITE THE KNIGHT buzzed about in my head the thought of thousands of pre-schoolers yelling 'i'm shite the knight'. Like I said it's the little things that make this SAHM smile.

We stopped in at a lovely café for a sandwich and drink and completed said magazine sticker pages - compulsory activity - then I enjoyed a coffee in peace while H amused himself in the toy corner of the café bringing me endless cups of coffee in a princess cup. This is why I love this particular café, a toy and book corner, free wifi and delicious coffee. More cafes should have a toy corner it's a massive selling point for us mums. Trust me.

Next up this afternoon was a spot of pottering in the garden. When we moved into our house three years ago the garden was a mess. My wonderful hubby has gradually transformed it into a gorgeous place for the boys to play in, us to relax in and enjoy.

At the weekend the boys planted our new set of veggies in our vegetable patch. This is our second year now, last year we gained a small crop of carrots, lettuce and potatoes which the boys absolutely loved. This year  we have carrots, potatoes and broccoli. They also planted sunflower seeds so watch this space for those. H and I went out to water our seedlings this afternoon, he so so funny he carefully carries his watering can up the garden and pours one cans worth onto each set of seeds. I managed to steer him up and down the patch today while watering, without too much argument. Oh and in the photo he is wearing his 'Shite the knight' belt he got free with his magazine. As you do.

Finally I wanted to share this I saw on Facebook earlier today. It has no relevance to springtime or this post but it made me smile and that's reason enough for me to share it with my readers.

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