Emerging from hibernation

I'm back. Well I never really went anywhere except for into hibernation over the last 7 months or so. Like most creatures who hibernate, I definitely fattened myself up for the Autumn/Winter. I tried to blame several courses of steroid treatment for my chest but that cannot take full responsibility. Fact is I stuffed myself silly and have nobody to blame but myself.

I'm most definitely a comfort eater, now I've lost a few pounds I can say I think I have a handle on my food intake. I tried various methods but the only thing that works for me is watching my calorie intake. It was a bit laborious at first continually checking labels or weighing out food but now I'm in the swing its second nature. A bit like checking my social media...

So I'm determined to, as regularly as family life will allow, update my blog. Allow those of you who read this, a glimpse into the not-so glam life of a 30 something mum on the run. On the run literally some of the time. Sometimes my to do list is so long I have no idea where to start but I am always, always on time for nursery or school pickup.

With the start of a new year continues my promise to myself to take care of me and so while I will try not to religiously bore you all with diet and weight updates, I will let you know of any milestones, be they emotional or physical.

So that's my comeback post, hardly earth shattering but I just wanted to pop by and wave 'hello'.

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