Why read So this is me Mrs T

Why should you read my blog?

People blog for all sorts of reasons. I blog because I like to empty my head. Now spring is approaching and I have emerged from hibernation I'm feeling fresher and stronger and ready to empty my thoughts.

I don't claim to be a trendy mum about town blogging about the latest this and that, just the everyday life of a mum of two in what I think they call a 'blended family' one child with special educational needs the other child a neurotypical four year who thinks he's Batman or maybe even Spider-Man, it depend what day it is.

So February 2017 sees the end of the first year of marriage to my husband Mr T, dad to H (Batman)and step-dad to O. We are mid an array of home improvements, having been in this house 4 years the time came to make those finishing touches. Currently we approach the end of week two of a shower room installation, it's been a long time coming and I for one cannot wait to see the results. Mr T has project managed from his office in London, while I have taken front line position serving coffee to the builders and trying to answer a multitude of questions I have no idea the answer to.

The house has been turned upside down and there is 'stuff' everywhere as I mutter to myself for the millionth time since the work began 'it will all be worth it' as I try to put off the inevitable mass clear up operation that befalls me this weekend when the job should be complete...

As I mentioned in my previous hibernation post I am once again on the weight loss/self improvement treadmill. Since H was born I've been up and down like a yoyo on the scales this time I am desperately trying to follow the lifestyle change of eating properly, ie actually having breakfast and cutting out the junk, portion control etc. I have seen results so far in around half a stone weightloss since Christmas but if I am brutally honest to be healthy I need to see a at least another 21 pounds off.

I am also rapidly aware that if I were to have another GULP baby now I am 35 I would be considered a 'geriatric mother' by the medical people. Not that Mr T and I are talking of another baby but why when you hit 35 can you be considered geriatric? My dear Grandmother passed away this month and the ripe old age of 87, now that is elderly. So since my last birthday I have become brutally aware that I am now edging that step closer to 40 which to me seems 'old.

When I lose weight and take care of my appearance I do feel so much better both mentally and physically. My skin hasn't been great, I put that down to the cold weather drying it out and I'm on the hunt for a new improved beauty regime. My boys are older and despite the madness of the school run in the mornings I do actually have time to spend on myself. So I am going to invest in my skin. My Grandmother had beautiful skin, freckly like me but also very porcelain looking.

Goals for 2017 are to feel better about my appearance, blog as and when family life allows and read more. What are your goals? Did you make any new years resolutions in January?

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