Pills by post?

Another reminder from the chemist pinged through to my phone today about collecting my repeat prescription from them. It’s on my endless ‘to do’ list, I’m usually a bit last minute when it comes to things like this, I really shouldn’t be as its health related and so very important. If it was the children I’d be there like a shot but as usual I’m at the bottom of the pile.

It got me thinking about something I saw on the news today, a report about the risks of buying medication online. I can see the advantages to such a scheme but has this idea of pills on your doorstep gone a bit too far? How do you actually know what you are buying and if indeed you actually require it.

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Over the past few years I have built up a solid trusting relationship with my GP who has seen me through some tough times both physically and emotionally. If I needed medication there is no way I’d even consider buying from the internet without even being examined by my doctor.

As the report suggests buying medications online can put health at risk. The Care Quality Commission who regulates such providers “inspected 43 internet prescription services in England, finding some "potentially presenting a significant risk to patients". The regulator said while some providers were well-run, others "cut corners". The CQC says it will visit providers and close any putting patients at risk.

According to the report investigations discovered that some providers had very little “clinical oversight into the way many websites sold medications”.

To me there is nothing more reassuring than personal contact with your GP, particularly as I’m the type of person who needs reassurance when it comes to most things in life, especially the health of my family. The thought of buying medication online from what appears is a large amount of unregulated distributors is actually quite concerning. Face to face contact during a GP consultation provides more than a prescription, a good GP looks at the whole picture, the whole person before they make any decision on treatment required. If I were to buy medicine online this really would not sit well with me.

What do you think? Have you bought medicines online? I’d really love to read your opinions and experiences. You can read the full report here

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