It's only Wednesday, pass the wine

Yes you read that correctly. Pass the wine. It's been a rather chaotic start to the week here.
Monday morning was glorious sun was shining perfect washing on the line weather (at risk of sounding like an OAP) eldest child at school youngest happy with lego and after a very cautious weigh in - 2lbs off yay - I was ready to smash Monday.

Come Monday evening youngest is throwing up all over the place and such behaviour continued until 2am. Cue Benny Hill theme tune and a combination of Mr T holding the sick bowl and me running up and down the stairs flinging a selection of bedding, towels and PJ's into the washing machine, that's my cardio done for the day gym fans. Thank god for my much coveted Dettol laundry detergent I could kiss you!

So Tuesday I'm nil by mouth as I was due into hospital for the latest in my line of investigations into the very sudden reappearance of asthma. So as many of you can appreciate a mummy without coffee is like a toddler without Peppa Pig. OUT OF CONTROL.

Not due into hospital until midday I spent my morning frantically de-germing the house after query sick bug/food poisoning episode praying that I don't suddenly start spewing up all over the place. O is at school, H is installed in front of the tv and Mr T is working from home.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning and the procedure is done, feeling slightly groggy from anaesthesia and still in my PJ's catching up on emails, H continues his 48 hour hiatus from nursery - joy - the weather again is glorious and I am wondering what happened to Tuesday. Debating eating my bodyweight in contraband then realise there is no contraband in the house so will have to make do with a very diet friendly egg on toast or some such muck.

I wish...

Must consider ending this blog post now, H is desperate for me to complete a 100 stage lego helicopter which I'm not sure will look anything like the image on the box. Think I'll slap on a face mask in an attempt to deal with the post hospital bloated eyes and face and stand in the shower for ages.

Catch you again later when I regain what's left of my mind