The sound of the week is S

No not for snake, or shoes or snow but SICK!!! Having moaned midweek about the need for wine and all the carry on slapstick behaviour at our house little did I know it was about to get worse, a lot worse.

Mr T came down with the bug of doom by Thursday morning swiftly followed by me on Thursday night and oh my god I have never known pain like it! Where was the gas and air when I needed it? They surely should supply that over the counter when you are doubled up in agony begging your hubby to get you another hot water bottle in between ninja turtle style movements to the bathroom.

So it passed through us both (sorry) and we are just about regaining some sense of normality.

A walk to the park this morning has blown some of the cobwebs away but I still feel a bit delicate.

I looked at myself in the mirror this morning. Not a good idea 48 hours post projectile vomit. I've no idea why but whenever I am under the weather my hair goes crazy, all brittle and wiry. Also my skin looks like I have been drained of any colour and I have teenage spots. Nice. This week I will be on the hunt for a hair and skin mask to try and rejuvenate skin and locks.  If anyone has any tips I'd gladly hear them. The mid brow furrow is even more furrowed and I've definitely gained more greys this week.

Onwards and upwards!