Whats been occurring with us?

Phew. Easter is over. Two weeks of entertaining my boys is thoroughly exhausting.
Today the littlest is back at nursery (phew) and I am surveying the devastation of toys scattered all over the house. To be honest I am seriously considering throwing the toys into the playroom and wedging the door shut. Trouble is said nursery attendee will notice and throw a fit if I so much as touch one of his lego/duplo mashups. So for today I will just ignore them and my aspirations of a show home, again.

We popped to the Peak District for two nights and stayed in a beautiful B&B, took in Alton Towers which the kids absolutely loved particularly Cbeebies land. Hubby was able to indulge in his love of crazy rollercoasters and the weather was stunning. Now the boys are a bit older and we are passed the buggy/nappy/highchair phase days out are so much smoother. My eldest who, as mentioned before is on the autism spectrum has had difficulties with visiting new places, it's totally out of his comfort zone. The more we do take him to new places the easier it is becoming, he loves to plan the journey and any adjustment to his routine can be tricky he coped so well and had a great time. In our experience of ASD pushing boundaries and comfort zones is the only way to make headway.

I'm still on the weight loss journey, around 8lbs to target which I am desperate to achieve before we step on that plane to the sunshine in July. I don't eat past 6pm which seems to really help any reflux or asthma symptoms I get if I eat too late. I'm so excited about our summer holiday, we didn't go abroad last year, I'm already dreaming of the Spanish sun on my skin, lazing by the pool and taking a total rest.

This week I am going through my to do list before the eldest goes back to school on Monday but for now I think I'll have a cuppa and continue enjoying the peace and quiet...X

Just some of the contraband enjoyed in the Peak District.