Enforced self care

So this week I have survived two days of enforced self care. I am 12 days post laparoscopic surgery and was discharged from hospital two days ago.

So it's a shock being back at home, don't get me wrong it's wonderful and I'm slowly working my way through my emotions of what I have been through and the knock on effect on Mr T and my little T's. I'll come back to that, not quite ready to lift the lid on that on paper as yet.

The day I came out of hospital was fine,  Mr T was here so other than bathe I didn't need to lift a finger. In hospital I spent most of my time sleeping or reading post op and all I had to concern myself with was the hospital daily routine of prodding, poking, ward rounds, being stared at by varying medical experts, food, drink and staggering to the toilet. My usual routine of childcare and what I refer to as 'mum thinking' was stripped of me.

Mr T did an amazing job of being both parents during my absence, this was magnified when child H burst into tears on day one of us flying solo when Mr T returned to work, and demanded we video call daddy as soon as he had a lunch break. I'm so proud of Mr T and his sidekick.

Back to day one at home, a little sore, bowels working a little too effectively to be too far away from my bathroom and a sort of confused feeling of do I feel sick or am I hungry, H and I strung out our day of cartoons, lego construction, snacks and team dozing. H has so much energy, just like any 5 year old and is as bouncy as a puppy if not exercised at least once a day. I still feel a tad fragile to leave the security of chez T so the bottom of the garden is as far as we have ventured.

Roll on the weekend when I have Mr T back. I do feel stronger by the day,  it's all part of the healing process. I don't really do sitting around so this enforced self care feels strange. Slowly slowly I'll return to full strength, I have to I'm a mum on the run.

Have you ever been forced into taking it easy? Did you get cabin fever? How did you cope? Would, as ever, love to hear your experiences.

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