Goodbye summer holidays you have been...mixed.

There are seven days to go until number one goes back to school. There are 13 days to go until number two starts reception. 

As ever I have spent the past few days and weeks acting as chief children's entertainer, taxi driver, chef, referee and general dogsbody to my two boys. Not being content with requiring endless stimulation both kids have birthdays over the summer so I have that to contend with as well.  The result? Considerable weight gain after stuffing my face with their leftovers washed down with copious glasses of rose wine in the evening. Healthy eating has gone out of the window and so has the routine and rules.

Screen time has increased as well as my food bill. Both kids appear to be just as tired as they were towards the end of the summer term and are both more than ready for more mental exercise than mummy can provide. 

Our Menorcan break seems like a distant memory, the warm weather abroad gave way to a grey August back in Bucks which just seemed to go on forever. A fortnight stay in hospital owing to my hideous bowel issue was not part of the agenda. Mr T had to take command and hat's off to him he did, in fact he was amazing. Fast forward to the bank holiday just gone and we had a little heatwave, bliss. The paddling pool was out and I didn't feel quite so short tempered and impatient as I had been the previous weeks. 

We are now on what feels like the home run of the endless summer break. Uniform has been purchased, stationary chosen, feet measured and millions of pairs of footwear bought. I still don't feel nervous for either of the boys starting back to and at school for the first time. I will be waving them off knowing that they will both be absolutely fine. 

Bring on September, we are more than ready for you! 

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