H is for hospital

So enduring a stay in hospital thanks to my body deciding to glue sections of my intestines together, resulting in me spending a fair few days 'off my nut' on various post operative pain relief I can confirm a few things. Being confined to bed rest gives you a lot of thinking time, a bucket load of weird dreams and the ability to make dry shampoo work wonders on your rapidly grease like follicles. 

Thinking time has its advantages, I've so far made lists of where I'd like to go on holiday next year (Menorca again), top three food stuffs I'd like to inhale on discharge  (strawberry Krispie Kreme - hello KK people, cottage pie and chips) thought about the pros and cons of appearing on a variety of different reality shows, I'm a celebrity* vs Love Island**

*Accepting I'm not a celebrity but would love to explore OZ one day.

** I'm not single but the idea of a Spanish Island for 8 weeks would be by spiritual home.

The disadvantages would be the guilt I feel for being away from home and my family plus the total loss of control I have over my own body. Hats off to the nursing staff, I could not do a fraction of the things they have to do, nor put up with the rudeness of members of the public. People moan about the NHS but thank goodness they are there providing life saving treatment or some of us rearly wouldn't still be here.

I've also come to some decisions regarding my blogging. When I started out over a year ago there seemed to be so much pressure among mummy bloggers/lifestyle bloggers et al to measure success by the number of followers you have plus how many brands want to work with you and send you free stuff. Not knocking those who blog for that reason, each to their own, I was into that at the start but now have decided to focus on my writing. So I'm going back to basics, no fancy stuff here just me and my tablet and some words.

I always enjoy receiving comments on my blog posts, interacting with those who read my writing is fab, plus I know  I'm not talking to myself...

A little disclaimer regarding this post, I was on a lot of pain reducing Meds while writing this so apologies if it's a little odd! Mrs T xx 

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