Hello September

September is my fresh start. September 2017 will see a lot of change in our house. My eldest child turns ten, my youngest starts in reception class, I'm going to become an auntie again and my ex husband, father of my eldest, is moving counties. 

I feel like I am at the very top of a rollercoaster waiting for it all to rush at me at 100 mph. Admittedly I am getting so much better at organisation and taking everything a step at a time but there is still room for anxiety. I feel confident that my youngest will walk into reception without a backwards glance as he is more than ready for the challenge of school. My eldest always finds a new term at school daunting, the autism doesn't help, but with our coping strategies and my mentality on this being just go with it we will get him through it. 

I'll never stop worrying about my little sister. She is a 30 something mum of one, almost two and I know she will sail through her upcoming labour and birth but I still worry about her and want to protect her. 

Finally my eldest child's dad is moving four hours away. This isn't an issue for me but the effect it is having on my son is not great. I won't speak about it too  much but suffice to say we have an interesting time ahead supporting my son.

What does your September hold? 

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