Why I'm loving September

Yes you heard me, I LOVE September. A fresh new page all round, back to school and a new period in my life begins as I no longer have any pre-school age children at home. 

What will I do with myself? I've busied myself volunteering at both the boys schools parents associations, yes I'm one of those mums who will be badgering other parents non stop for this, that and the other. I'm also going back to my roots with some part-time child care and hopefully some hours at a local nursery. I also have social media management for a magazine to keep me busy as well as writing some editorial for a local aesthetics clinic. All this should keep me sufficiently entertained during school hours and means I can be there for my boys.

I went into a well known high street shop this morning and treated myself to a new notebook in an effort to be more organised, I love nothing better than making and remaking lists, I know I'm well aware I need to get a life, Mr T will be the first to tell me that when he reads this!

It's pouring down today, the first rainy school run called for me to dig out my fave boots from Adele Kelly Boutique a gorgeous shop in my village. They were so comfy and a great alternative to the wellies I first pulled out of the shoe box this morning. 
I've got that Friday feeling in a big way today, Mr T has a half day and will be at home this afternoon, tomorrow we are hosting my youngest's party at Build a Bear, 14 five year olds, what could possibly go wrong?! Wish me luck!!

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