The one where the teeth hit the wall and mummy wanted to run away with the circus.

So how was your month? Mine was a mixture of teeth smashing (eldest child) health, class assembly (eldest again) autumn fairs, the circus and harvest festivals. Oh and a road trip to the Lake District thrown in at half term. Phew!

Autumn is well and truly here and the first half of this school term has flown by. We started the month at the dentist. My poor eldest child tripped at school and managed to land teeth first into a wall taking out half of each of his top front teeth, I'll spare the images as it is a bit gruesome but needless to say it was rather dramatic. The terror that came across me when his teacher told me my gentle giant had had an accident was not something I wish to repeat in a hurry but I have to say initial shock aside he coped admirably with the teeth smashing incident. We've yet to have the full repair work at the dentist, that will be a true test but he cannot continue to look like a character from a scary movie each time he smiles. Was it wrong of me to be relieved that the school photos had been taken just before the teeth met the wall?

October saw my eldest and classmates present a Harvest assembly to their peers and parents. It was fantastic, such a great opportunity for parents to see exactly what goes on in school assembly and for the children to be on stage. My son isn't one for front of stage, years ago he had a total autism related meltdown when he was placed at the front of the church which I never thought we would get past until Jonah and the Whale last year. In this assembly he not only read out some information on Harvest around the world he then stood in the middle of the stage on his own and took the Q and A section from the audience! I was astonished! He hadn't told me he was doing that and I was totally unprepared!! After a scramble for my phone I think I managed to capture in on a wonky video it was brilliant. In your face autism! Another example of my dear boy smashing boundaries placed on a child with additional needs.

In other news my littlest took part in his first school Harvest Festival at the church in the village. It was the sweetest thing, I'm in no way religious but there was something quite special about seeing the Infants sing their hearts out the songs they had practiced since day one back to school and sneaking the odd wave to parents in the congregation. I loved every second and so did my little one. 

In reception they have a bear that goes home with one child each week for an adventure. Said bear comes with a weekend diary and wardrobe of clothes for her weekend. My little one is DESPERATE to take said bear home, in fact it's becoming a bit of a weekly disappointment when he isn't picked. I think it's going in alphabetical surname order so my little one has to wait until it's T. I haven't told him that of course in the hope he thinks it's to do with behaviour and listening to his teacher. Being at the end of the alphabet means I'll have to pull off a very spectacular weekend for this bear to top it's previous adventures. I remember when my eldest took home his class bear it happened to be the weekend we were visiting Santa at Drayton Manor and the bear had the best time ever! 

This month also saw our third visit to Jay Millers Circus which has arrived on the common across the road from our house every year in October. They put on the most amazing original show and I have to admit I came away this year with a little bit of me wanting to run away with the circus! The fabulous thing that stands out about Jay Millers Circus is the genuine family feel that exudes from each member of the cast. Each performer not only performs but takes a turn at everything from selling refreshments to taking down the big top at the end of the run. This year we met Beauty and the Beast in a spectacular performance which my boys absolutely loved. So keep up the good work Jay Miller and team we can't wait to see you next year in what's becoming a tradition for us as a family.

We spent last week in the Lake District which was a very last minute trip. It was a much needed break away which I will blog about in an upcoming post so keep a lookout for that.

Huge thanks to my talented friend Paul Upward at Paul Upward Photography for allowing me to use his images. 


  1. Oh sounds like an eventful month! Poor eldest. That's so unlucky, hope the dentist can fix those front teeth! Loved your circus story, thanks for linking up #stayclassymama

    1. Hi Eva, thanks for reading. We've so far had one tooth repaired which went relatively painlessly, round two for the second teeth is Friday. Fingers crossed it goes as smoothly! x